The Women of Dr Who

Remembrance of the Daleks (Part 1)
The Creature From the Pit (Part 1)
The Face of Evil (Part 1)
The Krotons (Part 1)
The Stones of Blood (Part 1)
The Aztecs: The Temple of Evil
The Mark of the Rani (Part 1)
Enlightenment (Part 1)
The Monster of Peladon (Part 1)
The Underwater Menace (Part 1)
Castrovalva (Part 1)

Villains: The Master

Terror of the Autons (Part 1)
The Mind of Evil (Part 1)
The Claws of Axos (Part 1)
Colony in Space (Part 1)
The Daemons (Part 1)
The Sea Devils (Part 1)
The Time Monster (Part 1)
Frontier in Space (Part 1)
The Deadly Assassin (Part 1)
The Keeper of Traken (Part 1)
Logopolis (Part 1)
Castrovalva (Part 1)
Time-Flight (Part 1)
The King's Demons (Part 1)
The Five Doctors
Planet of Fire (Part 1)
The Caves Of Androzani (Part 1)
The Mark of the Rani (Part 1)
Survival (Part 1)
The Ultimate Foe (Part 1)

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