Midsomer star Neil Dudgeon introduces his favourite Midsomer eps

Midsomer Murders: Neil Dudgeon's Favourite Episodes
A Rare Bird
A Vintage Murder
Death and The Divas
Habeas Corpus
Last Man Out
The Dark Rider
The Flying Club
The Incident At Cooper Hill
The Village That Rose From The Dead

Midsomer star John Nettles introduces his favourite Midsomer eps

Midsomer Murders: John Nettles' Favourite Episodes
Dark Autumn
Dead Man's Eleven
Death Of A Hollow Man
The Electric Vendetta
The Killing At Badger's Drift

Detective duos: Tom Barnaby & Gavin Troy

Faithful Unto Death
A Talent for Life
Death of a Hollow Man
Garden of Death
Death in Disguise
Tainted Fruit
Dead Man's Eleven
Written in Blood
Death's Shadow

Killer cameos

Midsomer murder map: Badger's Drift

Midsomer murder method: Bludgeoned

Watching the detectives: Barnaby, Troy & Scott

Midsomer murder map: Midsomer Worthy

Never watched Midsomer? Then try these...

Midsomer murder method: Poisoned

Detective duos: Tom Barnaby & Ben Jones

Midsomer murder map: Midsomer Parva

Family feuds

Midsomer murder method: Shot

Detective duos: John Barnaby & Ben Jones

Fan favourites

Midsomer murder method: Stabbed

Detective duos: John Barnaby & Charlie Nelson

Midsomer murder method: Drowned

Detective duos: John Barnaby & Jamie Winter

Midsomer murder method: Strangled or suffocated